John McGhee Pioneer Cemetery /
St. Andrews Church Riverside Cemetery
Monroe County, Tennessee


Col. John McGhee gave funds for the erection of the small Episcopal church built on the land belonging to Andrew and Margaret McGhee Humes. Andrew Humes passed away in 1847 and Col. McGhee passed away 3 years later before the church could be built. Margaret Humes married her second husband, Mr. J. W. Niles in 1852, a native New Englander. Margaret and missionary John Lenoir Gay completed the church in 1853.

The church was a beautiful "gothic" edifice, built of brick with marble trimming, stained glass windows, oak ceilings, and elegant furnishings. The pipe organ alone cost $600. The plans for the church and its furniture were drawn by Richard Upjohn.

On Aug. 8, 1957, Bishop Otey in company with Bishop Pack, were called to consecrate the Church. He was shocked to see what he considered signs of "ritualism", which was rampant in the eastern cities. There was a cross over each gate, three crosses on the roof, one on the belfry and 5 on the alter. He refused to consecrate the church until the decorations were reduced. The church was consecrated in 1857.

During the Civil War, the church was closed. It suffered from the removal of the local population and eventually fell to ruins and was torn down.

Source: "Leaves of the Old Scrapbook" by Bess Stickley Hines and "Architecture in Tennessee," by James Patrick

This article is number 162 from the Monroe County, Tennessee Heritage Book 1819-1997, Pg 40.

Above: The headstone that the people are leaning on is that of John McGhee.
The other tall stone on the right side of the photo is that of Barclay McGhee.

Special thanks to Greg Humes for editing above photo of church!

Transcribed By: Cory D. Mills on April 13, 2003

NOTE: James is all the stone reads.
Sacred to the Memory of
Servent of John McGhee
Who departed this life
Died Nov. 1, 1851
Age 47 years
NOTE: This James is buried next to "Sallie."
Wife of James
Faithful Servant of John McGhee
Died June 20, 1876
Aged 88 Yrs
Andrew R. Humes
April 9, 1817 - Sept. 25, 1847
Andrew R. Humes
Nov. 8, 1875 - Feb. 12,1915
NOTE: Andrew Russell Humes
Eleanor Humes
Infant Daughter of
A.R. & H. D. Humes
Henrietta Humes
Dec. 29, 1880 - Oct. 24, 1905
"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"
Infant Son of J. L. & B. M. Johnston
Born Dec. 13, 1866
Ann E. McGhee
Nov. 2, 1846 - Nov. 9, 1884

Barcley McGhee
Sept. 1828 - June 1856
Sacred to the Memory of
Betsy Jones McGhee
May 6, 1803 - April 8, 1829
Henry McGhee
NOTE: Top part of stone broken off & rest of stone is hard to read.

John McGhee
Born: October 15th, 1788
Died: June 8th, 1851
Our Father
Mary Abbott McGhee
Sept. 14, 1855 - Dec. 28, 1860
Mary K. McGhee
Wife of Barclay McGhee
Feb. 10, 1820 - May 28, 1888
Sacred to the Memory of
Polly Lawson McGhee
Infant Daughter of John & Betsy J. McGhee
Aug. 23, 1826 - Sept. 16, 1826
J. W. J. Niles
Dec. 24, 1810 - Feb. 5, 1876
Age 66 years
Katherine O'Keeffe Niles
Daughter of S.D.G & M.H. Niles
Oct. 29, 1877 - Oct. 25, 1890
Margaret W. Niles
July 2, 1821 - Nov. 4, 1905
Arthur H. Parker
Infant Son of Wm. & M.K. Parker
Aug. 18, 1862 - June 15, 1863
NOTE: This stone was broken off and laying behind a bigger headstone next to the fence.

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