Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery

Highway 411 South, Monroe County, Tennessee -- January 2002

Transcribed By: Cory D. Mills

I also have a picture of each grave in the cemetery as of January 2002.

First Name Last Name Birth Death Marriage Date Comments
Deborah O. Allen 3/30/1951 2/20/2000    
Nannie L. Bookout 3/15/1915     Wife of Robert J. Bookout.
Robert J. Bookout 3/3/1915 4/12/1995   Husband of Nannie J. Bookout.
Wayne Frazier Burris 7/5/1949 9/23/2001    
William H. Chambers 6/13/1915 1/12/1970   Husband of Lillie L. Chambers.
Lillie L. Chambers 10/29/1920     Wife of William H. Chambers.
Reba M. Croft 9/30/1913     Wife of Roy E. Croft.
Roy E. Croft 9/2/1909 2/21/1993   Husband of Reba M. Croft.
Nancy C. Dyer 3/4/1888 8/2/1957    
Roena M. Farley 7/27/1883 1/16/1968   Grave is to be moved due to the widening of Highway 411. Wife of John G. Farley.
John G. Farley 8/6/1864 5/10/1957   Grave is to be moved due to the widening of Highway 411. Husband of Roena M. Farley.
Mary Sue Ferguson 2/19/1913 11/9/1976 2/1/1930 Wife of William C. "Bill" Ferguson.
William C. "Bill" Ferguson 3/17/1905 1/6/1986 2/1/1930 Husband of Mary Sue Ferguson.
Brenda Faye Hampton 6/16/1953 6/23/1954   Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hampton.
David Allen Hampton 4/3/1952 5/13/1973   SP4 US ARMY
Geneva Mae Hampton 10/12/1932 11/5/1999   Wife of Kenneth Hampton.
Kenneth Hampton 6/4/1932     Husband of Geneva Mae Hampton.
George Oley Harrill 8/14/1903 10/20/1983 7/22/1944 Husband of Gladys Jones Harrill.
Gladys Jones Harrill 10/28/1928     Wife of George Oley Harrill.
Sherald Jr. Hunt 7/25/1953     Husband of Lou Hunt.
Lou Hunt 9/28/1955 9/20/1999   Wife of Sherlad Hunt, Jr.
William B. Hunt 7/16/1905 6/13/1983   Husband of Dovie L. Phillips Hunt.
Children are:Kenneth D., Sherald L., John B., J. Doyle, & Glenn M. Hunt.
Dovie L. Odom Phillips Hunt 2/27/1898 12/17/1982   First husband: Charles Pird Phillips.
Second husband: William B. Hunt.
Children are: Claude, Arnold, Ed, Wayne, & Hoyt Phillips.
Kenneth D., Sherald L., John B., J. Doyle, & Glenn M. Hunt.
Lucy Jones Hunt 5/4/1932 5/20/1954   Wife of Sherald Hunt.
James Washey Isbill 2/27/1885 2/6/1953   Husband of Nancie Elvie Rogers Isbill.
Nancie Elvie Rogers Isbill 4/24/1886 6/25/1970   Wife of James Washey Isbill.
Anna Ruth Isbill 7/8/1918     Wife of Herbert R. Isbill.
Herbert R. Isbill 5/9/1905 10/5/1966   Husband of Anna Ruth Isbill.
Martin E. "Geno" James 6/24/1951      
Willie Bernice Jones 12/29/1929 3/27/1993 7/1/1945 Wife of Hoyt D. Jones.
Timmy E. Jones 12/27/1956 1/13/1957   Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt Jones.
Hoyt D. Jones 4/23/1924 10/25/1999 7/1/1945 Husband of Willie Bernice Jones.
Rachel T. Jones 10/27/1943     Wife of Isaac B. Jones.
Isaac Bernard Jones 10/29/1944 4/23/1994   Husband of Rachel T. Jones.
(SP4 US ARMY Vietnam)
Louise Jump        
Charles Jump        
Charles Roy Martin 9/10/1931 7/10/1961   First Husband of Lavada Martin Moser.
(Tennessee - CPL US ARMY)
Children are: James E. Charlene, & Arlene Martin.
Paul Wayne McDaniel 10/12/1953 10/14/1953   Son of Mr. & Mrs. Austin McDaniel.
Sarah Elizabeth McDaniel 8/12/1982 8/12/1982   Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Marcus McDaniel .
Pearl McDaniel 3/15/1908      
Joellene Annarae McDaniel 11/17/1970 2/29/1976   Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Austin McDaniel.
Louis T. McDaniel 2/28/1908 11/30/1963    
William Arthur Meyers 9/18/1957 9/18/1957    
Mary Morgan 12/17/1924     Wife of Marlin Morgan.
Marlin Morgan 7/18/1913 11/7/1988   Husband of Mary Morgan.
Donna Marline Morgan 10/24/1954 10/24/1954   Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Morgan.
Lavada Martin Moser 3/2/1933     First husband: Charles Roy Martin.
Second Husband: Eugene Moser.
Children are: James E., Charlene, & Arlene Martin.
Brigette & David Moser.
Eugene Moser 10/20/1921 5/2/1998   Second Husband of Lavada Martin Moser.
Children are: Roy, Shirley, Brigette, & David Moser.
Frank Lee Plemons 9/8/1915 3/14/1962   Tennessee PVT CO A 1289 ENGR C BN
World War II
Arthur G. Randall 11/25/1932 8/11/2001   US NAVY
Jewel Isbill Raper 5/30/1911      
Dennis M. Sherrill 12/26/1910 1/23/1963    
Fannie J. Tilson 4/6/1917      
David Gale "Fred" Tilson 10/7/1951 5/7/1995    
Ralph M. Tilson 5/16/1917 11/30/2000    
F. Henry Torbett 12/13/1914 2/14/1991 7/5/1936 Husband of Reba W. Torbett.
Children are: Eula Faye, Elma Rhea, & Elizabeth Ann.
Reba W. Torbett 1/27/1919 6/8/1996 7/5/1936 Wife of F. Henry Torbett.
Children are: Eula Faye, Elma Rhea, & Elizabeth Ann.
Frances A. Walker 12/19/1892 8/31/1972   Wife of Robert C. Walker.
Robert C. Walker 8/17/1890 2/3/1972   Husband of Frances A. Walker.
Elizabeth Ann Watson 9/5/1930      
Ruby E. Watson 4/6/1917   8/16/1932 Wife of W.O. Watson.
W. O. Watson 12/13/1914 3/27/1997 8/16/1932 Husband of Ruby E. Watson.
Loy K. Watson 4/14/1927 8/4/1993   US Army World War II
Luke Watson 9/19/1991 9/19/1991   Son of Mark & Annette Watson.
Nicole Watson 7/3/1988 7/4/1988   Daughter of Mark & Annette Watson.
J. P. White 10/29/1921 11/15/1990 4/12/1941 Husband of Ruth White.
Ruth White 7/1/1923 12/20/1994 4/12/1941 Wife of J. P. White.
John B. Young 1/23/1909 4/27/1984   Husband of Mary Nell Young.
(US Army World War II)
Mary Nell Young 11/28/1908 2/28/1995   Wife of John B. Young.

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